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Paint now and Pay Later

Sun Trust provides financing for house paintings.

You no longer have to wait to start making your dream come true. You can complete your home improvement now rather than later.

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About Us

Suntrust painting was founded in South Florida. Specialized in solutions for residential and commercial paintings, interior and exterior, Suntrust painting is a company with professionals with experience in the market.

We work with the mission of meeting all the expectations of customers who request paintings from their property, company or condominium.

We work with painting services for condominiums, homes and offices.

We have an excellent structure and specialized professionals to meet all types of demands for painting in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County with great agility and competence.



Drywall Painting

The practicality of the drywall system is unquestionable, due to its versatility, easy installation, cleaning and economy.

Our professionals are trained to perform with excellence the painting for this type of finish.

Drywall Repair

Damage to drywall structures can occur when they are subjected to great impact or due to their misuse and conservation.

In this respect, one of the great advantages of the drywall system is the ease of maintenance and repair that the material offers.

Repairs to drywall coverings, walls and ceilings are simpler, as well as faster and cleaner than masonry services.


Concrete painting

Just about any surface can be transformed with a fresh coat of paint, and concrete is no exception. Depending on the application and the look you want to achieve, paint is a viable alternative to stains and dyes for adding instant color to lackluster gray concrete.

Wood Painting

Painting wooden houses abroad is essential for the aesthetics, protection and longevity of the wood. When painting wooden houses, the most important issue is the choice of the product to be applied. Currently, the market has a wide range of treatment, protection and decoration products that preserve the original beauty and natural quality of wood.

Metal Painting

Metals are present in all places; outside on railings, doors, windows, gates, chairs or garden tables, lamps, etc., inside or in number of places and objects.

It is very important that the metals are well protected, so that they last and remain beautiful and preserved. If maintenance is not done regularly, they will deteriorate and may be lost forever. The deterioration of metals is mainly due to rust.


Roof Painting and Washing

In addition to the aesthetic benefit, we provide improvement in the quality of life of people who inhabit the house and /or company, eliminating harmful agents such as fungi, molds and mites.

Exterior Painting and Washing

The decoration is fundamental for businesses and houses and roof painting is a great resource for the beauty of roofs, especially those who have suffered over time. However, roof paint (mainly white) is an excellent solar reflector and can allow the environment to get cooler, since there is not so much heat absorption.

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